ShenZhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co.,limited, is a leading professional high-tech company providing IP video product and solutions in China. As China’s Internet video solutions leader, Foscam is committed to providing the public with the safest, highest quality network camera series, providing high-quality, cost-effective comprehensive equipment solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. App: How to add cameras to Foscam Viewer on iOS devices by scanning the QR code?  
  2. App: How can I setup my camera using the Foscam App on a WIFI network? What is the App-generated QR Code method?  
  3. App: How to add cameras to Foscam Viewer on iOS devices in LAN?  
  4. App: How to add cameras to Foscam Viewer on iOS devices manually?  
  5. App: How to add the camera on Foscam App in LAN (New)  
  6. App: How to delete cameras from Foscam Viewer for Android?  
  7. App: How to disable WiFi only option on the Foscam app?  
  8. App: How to remove the association of the camera and the Foscam Account?  
  9. Browser: How do I clear my web browser's cache, cookies, and history?  
  10. Browser: How to ensure plugin works with Google Chrome?  
  11. Browser: How to troubleshoot plugin compatibility issues in Window 10?  
  12. Browser: What is the procedure to log into a HD camera via a web browser?  
  13. Browser: Why my Chrome browser not able to load Foscam plugin?  
  14. Call Center: Foscam International Call Center Contact Information  
  15. Client Software: How can I get alarm recordings for HD cameras on CMS?  
  16. Client Software: How to add Foscam camera on Foscam NVR on Monitor?  
  17. Client Software: How to connect camera to CMS in LAN?  
  18. Client Software: How to connect camera to CMS in WAN?  
  19. Client Software: How to set up the alarm recording on SD card on HD cameras?  
  20. FosBaby: How to change your lullaby to a recognized format?  
  21. FosBaby: How to customized the lullaby in FosBaby?  
  22. FOSCAM's New Action: Six Product Series Introduction  
  23. General: Check whether my Camera support RTSP / ONVIF?  
  24. General: How to add Foscam camera in LAN on Foscam NVR on web browser?  
  25. General: How to allow plugin run on my Firefox 52 for my Foscam camera or NVR?  
  26. General: How to disable the voice prompt?  
  27. General: How to download recording on NVR to computer  
  28. General: How to install plugin for Mozilla Firefox?  
  29. General: How to perform a hard reset on the camera?  
  30. General: How to set up mobile viewing via Foscam Viewer?  
  31. General: What if I forgot user name and password of my camera, what I can do next?  
  32. General: What’s the normal status of camera when power on?  
  33. General: Which outdoor model has the SD card slot?  
  34. General: Why my IP Camera Tool cannot find the camera’s IP?  
  35. HD: How can I get schedule recordings on HD cameras?  
  36. HD: How can I get the alarm emails on HD cameras?  
  37. HD: How can I get the alarm recordings on HD cameras?  
  38. HD: How can I upload alarm images onto my FTP server?  
  39. HD: How can I upload scheduled images onto my FTP server?  
  40. HD: How to add camera’s IP address to Compatibility View Settings?  
  41. HD: How to allow Foscam plug-in to run on Chrome?  
  42. HD: How to allow the plugin work in Safari for Mac?  
  43. HD: How to assign a static IP Address for HD camera?  
  44. HD: How to assign a static IP for your camera on Mac?  
  45. HD: How to change the local record path on Mac OS X?  
  46. HD: How to connect camera to WiFi by using WPS?  
  47. HD: How to connect my HD camera to WiFi?  
  48. HD: How to load the activeX in Windows7 Computer?  
  49. HD: How to make FTP work when FTP server connection failed pop up?  
  50. HD: How to monitor multi-devices in WAN for HD cameras?  
  51. HD: How to playback the recordings in SD card?  
  52. HD: How to set a privacy zone for HD cameras?  
  53. HD: How to set the IR LED schedule?  
  54. HD: How to setup Gmail for mail alert on HD cameras?  
  55. HD: How to setup remote access settings?  
  56. HD: How to setup the IO Alarm settings?  
  57. HD: How to setup your firewall on HD cameras?  
  58. HD: How to upload the alarm images to SD card?  
  59. HD: Temporary solution for plugin can't work on Chrome?  
  60. HD: Why can’t I install the IP Camera tool in Mac?  
  61. MJ: How to add several cameras in WAN?  
  62. MJ: How to install Foscam Camera for Non-SD card model?  
  63. MJ: How to make your camera more secure?  
  64. MJ: How to monitor multi-device in WAN?  
  65. MJ: How to set a static IP address for FI86xx series and FI9820W?  
  66. MJ: How to set a static IP address For MJPG camera?  
  67. Storage: What size of HDD or portable disk that my Foscam NVR can support?  
  68. Storage: What size of microSD/SD card that my Foscam Camera can support?  

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