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HD: How to connect my HD camera to WiFi?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Step 1:
Please go to Settings tab, browser to Network ---> Wireless Settings menu, click on Scan to find WiFis around.

Picture 1
Step 2:
Choose your WiFi in the “Wireless Network List”, the SSID, Encryption will be filled out automatically. Please input your WiFi’s password.

Picture 2
The length of the password should less than 63; There is no &, =, and $ in password.

Step 3:
Click on “Save”, then unplug network cable out in one minute. Take the camera to the place you want to install.

In normal home environment, keep the distance not beyond 20m is better.

Step 4:
The IP of the camera will be showed in the IP Camera tool again, and you’ve connected your camera to WiFi successfully.

If the IP Camera tool doesn’t show the camera’s IP, please connect the camera with wired again to confirm the settings.
You may like to try the troubleshooting below:
1. Please check the antenna of the camera fixed well or not;
2. Please check the password is correct or not, share key should the same as your router's wireless password;
4. In normal home environment, keeping the distance away the router more than 2 meter and less than 20 meters is better;
5. Reboot your router if necessary.



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