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General: Which outdoor model has the SD card slot?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Some of Foscam outdoor model have the SD card slot, which includes FI9853EP, FI9803EP, FI9828P V2, FI9900P.

The first batch of the FI9900P whose S/N are FI9900P FIOFG1505000001 to FIOFG1505000160 and FIOFG1506000001 to FIOFG1506000120 doesn't have SD card slot.

As the customer has to take apart of the camera to insert the SD card which might be affect the warranty.
In addition, if the customer doesn't screw it up, the moisture might permeate the camera and ruin it.
Therefore, we don't say we don't have SD card feature on the specification.

If the customer want to know how to find the SD card slot, you can take the attached files for reference and give them guidance. Please remind them to do the operation carefully.


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