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HD: How can I upload scheduled images onto my FTP server?
Last Updated 8 years ago

In order to upload the scheduled images to the FTP, you have to finish below configurations.

Step 1 : Setup FTP Settings
Fill out your FTP settings on “FTP Settings” page under the “Network” menu.
Picture 1

1.Please click “Save” before you click “Test”
2.Make sure the test result is success.

Step 2 : Set the Storage Location and Schedule
1.Please choose “FTP” on the “Picture Save to” dropdown list;
2.Please check “Enable time to capture”;
3.Please set the capture interval;
4.Please set the schedule you want to upload the image.

Picture 2

Step 3: Receiving images on your FTP

Well, you will get the snapshots in the FTP under the schedule you set.
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