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General: How to add Foscam camera in LAN on Foscam NVR on web browser?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Note: Please make sure your camera and NVR are connected to the same network or router firstly.

Please follow these steps to add camera to NVR on LAN

Step 1:
Download and install equipment search tool on your computer

Go to official website:
Note: There are two tools, one for MAC, one for Windows.

Step 2:
Run equipment search tool on your computer, and the IP address of the camera and NVR will be displayed on the tool

Step 3:

Double click the IP address of the NVR to login the NVR on browser
Recommend log in NVR with IE/Firefox on Windows, Safari on MAC. If your default browser is Chrome or Edge, you can manually input http://IP:port which displaying on the tool, into the address bar on IE/Firefox/Safari to login the NVR.

Step 4:
For the first time to log in NVR, you need install the plugin firstly.
For how to install the plug-in on Windows, please see here
For how to install the plug-in on MAC, please see here

Step 5:
After installing the plug-in, double click IP address of the NVR on the tool to go to the login interface and input the username and password to log in the NVR.

Step 6:

Go to “Parameter Configuration”—“Adding Devices”, Select the channel and click the camera on the current LAN IP List which you want to add on NVR, and then input the camera’s username and password and click “Add”


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