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Client Software: How can I get alarm recordings for HD cameras on CMS?
Last Updated 8 years ago

In order to get alarm recordings, please follow the 3 steps below to configure your CMS.

Step 1: Setup the Motion Alarm Settings.
Please double click to choose your camera on the area you created, then go to SettingsSystemMotion Detection menu.
See the Picture 1, ① click “Enable” firstly, ② check “Record” for alarm action, ③ set your alarm schedule, and ④ set your motion detection area. Do not forget to click on “Save” after you finish settings.

  1. Please DO NOT forget to set the alarm schedule, camera can only alarm within the red time ranges;
  2. Please DO NOT forget to set the motion detection area, camera can only alarm when there is motion within the areas which covered by red grids;
  3. Please make sure your camera time is correct.

Step2: Enable Local Alarm Record
At this article, we will guide you to save the alarm record to your local hard driver. Please check “Enable Local Alarm Record” at “Record”-->“Local Alarm Record” menu.

Picture 2

If you want to store alarm recordings to SD card or FTP server, you have to configure Recording Location when login your camera via IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Step3: Setup the Storage Location
Please go to Record and Alarm, select and change “Record Path” to a folder on your local hard driver. Remember to “Save” the settings.

Picture 3

The blue “Record time” is for “Schedule Record”, not “Alarm Record”. If there is motion triggered, camera will alarm and you can receive alarm recordings to your storage path.


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