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Client Software: How to connect camera to CMS in WAN?
Last Updated 8 years ago

To remotely view your cameras on CMS, please follow the steps below to setup your settings.

Step 1:
Launch Foscam Client software, go to System > Add Camera, click on Add Camera.

Step 2:
Please enter camera’s WAN IP/DDNS, port, user and password of your camera in the pop up window. Remember to click OK to save the settings.

1. For remote access, please fill the “IP” field with the External IP of your camera, or the DDNS of your camera. For example: you can input or (No “http://” or “port number” in front of or at end of the your IP/DDNS);
2. Media port is same as your Http port;
3. Input your camera’s logining user and password, both are case sensitive;
4. You can leave “Area” as default or choose the one you have created;
5. For the Type field, MJ cameras choose MJPEG, HD cameras choose ZY_H264.

Step 3:
Go back to Live Video page. On the left Area window, please drop down the “default” area, you’ll find the camera just added. Click on the camera icon to connect, then you can view your camera video in WAN.


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