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App: How to remove the association of the camera and the Foscam Account?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Notification of Unbinding the Cloud Account for Cameras:

If you received a alert message "The IPC has been added by others" when you added the camera to your accounts.

Please to be noted that:
  1. One camera only can be added to one account.
  2. One account can be logged in different device.
  3. One camera can be accessed 4 users(the same one account or 4 different ones) simultaneously.

The account will involve to the payment of the Cloud in the future. Therefore, for the security, the camera only can add to one account.
Foscam cloud will have share feature in the future, you can share the camera to another account in the future.

Possible cause:
  1. The camera added to customer's other account, but the customer forget that.
  2. The camera is a RMA# camera which has associated with the previous customer's account. You didn't aware to remove it or Foscam Support Team mistake/miss to remove it.

Please send us the MAC ID of the camera and the photo of the camera's rear sticker.
Foscam Team will help to remove the association within 1-2 working days.


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