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FOSCAM's New Action: Six Product Series Introduction
Last Updated 7 years ago

IP cameras are an increasingly popular option for home or business security. FOSCAM has brought out so many different models and options to meet different customers’ demands. But there was no major difference in the marketing and publicity of these products in the past, which makes it difficult for people to differentiate FOSCAM products.

To help our customers differentiate our products effortlessly and spend less time on product comparison, FOSCAM divides its crucial products into six series on the basis of product configuration and prices.

Basic Series
Simple but sufficient
Foscam keeps its Basic Series to the core function to maintain simplicity. This series has a simple but sufficient feature set, which creates dedicated IP cameras with lower price. If you are planning to invest in a cost-effective security system, the models from this series are good choices.

Classic Series
Feature packed and well tested
What can be described as classic must have been well tested by the market. But this series is more than that with more enhanced features such as passive infrared detect sensor to reduce false alerts. The feature packed models under this series is designed for a more decent security system.

Pro Series
Powerful but absolutely affordable
If you are looking for IP cameras with super high definition or rich media push, Foscam’s Pro Series, the finest creation, is made for you. This series represents the highest technology level of Foscam, or even the whole industry. What’s more important, they’re powerful and absolutely affordable.

Multiple-camera management
It’s much more convenient to manage multiple cameras with an NVR. What’s more, NVR is indispensable for 24/7 recording if you don’t want to miss out on any important details.

NVR Kits
Complete and economical
Establishing a complete security system for home or business used to be expensive and tricky. Foscam is going to change this with its NVR kit, a whole security system composed of NVR and multiple IP cameras. No tricky configuration necessary, and with high compatibility by supporting Onvif.

Baby Monitor
Best gift for new mom
Baby always comes first in a new mom’s mind. Sometimes this may develop into serious anxiety. So how to relieve your unnecessary nervousness and keeping an eye on the baby anywhere anytime? Baby Monitor Series is specially designed for baby caring and the best gift for new moms worldwide.


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