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General: How to disable the voice prompt?
Last Updated 7 years ago

If you wish to to disable the voice prompt, please update below patch accordantly.

3518C with 2.*.2.18
FI9821W V2.1, FI9821P V2, FI9831P V2, FI9826P V2, FI9821EP, FosBaby, FosBaby P1
FosIPC_B_patch_ver2.X.2.18_1_hisi_disable voice prompt.bin
3518E with 2.*.2.16
FI9816P, FI9803P V2, C1, C1 Lite
No patch.
On the 2.*.2.16, when the network disconnects, there won't be "Waiting for wifi configuration".
When the power disconnects, there is still "Hello Foscam".
Ambarella with 2.*.1.18
C2, R2, FI9900P,FI9900EP

Edit on March 18th 2016


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