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Storage: What size of HDD or portable disk that my Foscam NVR can support?
Last Updated 9 years ago

FN3104H and FN3004H both works with Up to 4TB (SATA 2/3), compatible with Seagate and Western Digital hard disk.
File system format is designed by manufacturer, not the popular FAT32, NTFS or EXT3/4.

- USB External HDD (FN3004H Only)

- One SATA interface for one 3.5 inch disk (FN3104H)

FN3004H Portable Disk Storage (Yes)
Backup (Yes)
USB Flash Disk Storage (Yes)
Backup (Yes)

FN3104H Portable Disk Storage ( No)
Backup (Yes)
USB Flash Disk Storage ( No)
Backup (Yes)
ONLY support Internal HDD as storage

*Storage for recording purposes.
*Backup for video copy or achieving purposes.


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