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App: How can I setup my camera using the Foscam App on a WIFI network? What is the App-generated QR Code method?
Last Updated 5 years ago

How can I setup my camera using the Foscam App on a WIFI network? What is the App-generated QR Code method?

Perform the following steps to configure the camera for connection to a WIFI Network:

  1. If you have not done the so already power on camera, allow it to complete the initial start up tests and standby until the camera announces "Hello Foscam!" and "Ready for WIFI configuration"
  2. Launch the Foscam app on the smartphone, login to the account and tap the + button to add the camera.
    (Register for the cloud account on the Foscam App if an account has not been setup yet. If you already have a Foscam Cloud account please enter the credentials for the account login. Cloud account interface to the camera is a free service offered by Foscam. Additional services are available for an additional cost. Please see the App or Foscam website for details.)

  3. Scan the QR code of the camera using the camera of the smartphone. (The sticker with the code on it is on the bottom or the side of the camera depending on the model.)

  4. Within the Foscam app select Wi-Fi connection and select Ready.
    Note: Some cameras will announce with a voice prompt “Ready for WIFI configuration.”

  5. Within the Foscam app enter the password for the Wi-Fi router and click "NEXT" to generate the QR code with the login information for the WiFi router.
    Note: Verify that the correct WiFi password was entered before proceeding.

  6. Standby for the Foscam app to generate the QR code. Once the process is complete the app will announce that the code has been generated and it will be displayed on the screen of the smartphone. Position the screen of the smartphone towards the camera lens so the the camera can collect the information to configure itself to login to the WiFi network.

  7. After the configuration process is completed the camera will annouce "WiFi connection". After the annoucement, the smartphone can be safely repositioned away from the camera lens. Standby until the camera annouces "Congratulations! Successfully added.".

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