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HD: How can I get the alarm recordings on HD cameras?
Last Updated 8 years ago

In order to get alarm recordings, please follow the 2 steps below to configure your camera

Step 1: Setup the Motion Detection Settings
Please go to Settings-->Alarm-->Motion Detection menu. See the Picture 1, → click “enable” first, → choose “Recording” for the alarm action, → set your detection area , and → set your schedule.

Picture 1

Do not forget to click on “Save” after you finish settings.

1.Please DO NOT forget to set the alarm schedule, the alarm schedule is red.
2.Please make sure your camera time is correct.
3.Please DO NOT forget the set the alarm area, the detected area is covered by the red grids.

Step 2: Setup the Storage Location
1.If your camera supports SD card, please choose SD card under Storage Location
2.If you want to save the recordings to FTP server, please choose FTP instead; (Please note you have to finish the FTP Settings under the “Network” menu.)
3.If you want to save the alarm recordings to local hard driver, you can enable “Local Recording Location” under “Record” menu. (Picture 3)

Picture 2
Picture 3


If you are using IE, when you click on “Save”, you may receive a message “You have not right to access local recording path” on the lower left corner (See Picture 4). Please add your camera IP to trusted site (See Picture 4).

Picture 4

On IE browser, click Tool → Internet Options → security → trusted sites → sites →Add.

Picture 5

Well done, camera will alarm and you can receive alarm recordings in your storage path if there is motion trigger.



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