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HD: How to connect camera to WiFi by using WPS?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Some of our wireless cameras have a WPS button. If your wireless modem or router also has a WPS feature, you can connect camera to router wirelessly by pushing WPS buttons.

Please kindly power on your camera first, then follow the steps below.
Step 1:
Push the WPS button on your camera for 3 seconds.
The green network light on your camera will start to blink quickly.
Note: The WPS button is on camera back.

Step 2:
Then push WPS button or enable WPS function on your router within 1 minute, wait for the WPS light on your router to blink.

Step 3:
The green network light will blink slowly when camera connected wireless successfully.
This process will take a few minutes.

Step 4:
Check to find camera's IP address in IP camera tool or router DHCP list.

How to trouble shoot if I can't connect WiFi by using WPS?
Sometime wireless client devices can’t communicate with modem or router properly, thus can’t connect. Influencing factors include wireless channel, wireless security type and encryption, signal disturbance, the filtering settings on router or compatibility issue and so on.

You can check below points to trouble shoot.
1. Antenna on camera is fixed well;
2. Put the camera closer to router to get good signal;
3. Foscam cameras only support 2.4GHz network.
    Please pay attention if you having a dual band router which has different SSID for 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
4. No wireless Mac filtering settings on router.

Note: When the WPS method is not working, we recommend you setup wireless settings manually in camera’s page.



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