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App: How to delete cameras from Foscam Viewer for Android?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Sometime you may need to delete the camera from your Foscam Viewer when your network changed or camera was added incorrectly. This guide is going to tell you the delete steps and the re-add process.

Open app Foscam Viewer, and go to IPC tab. In Device List, you can find all the added cameras.

Choose the one you want to delete in the list, tapping on it till Operation menu pop up, then choose Delete. Wait a second, it will remind you with a message at the bottom that the camera has been delete successfully.

Tap the Search button as below, it will find all the cameras in your local network.

Choose the camera you want to add, and tap on OK.

Go to IPC tab, you can see the camera just added in Device List. Tap on it till Operation menu pop up, then choose Connect.


A window will pop up asking for camera’s login username and password. Please input them correctly and click OK.
Note: Both the username and password are case sensitive.

Then you’ll see a green dot on the right, which indicates camera is connected, and you can watch your camera video in Video tab.


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