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HD: How to setup the IO Alarm settings?
Last Updated 8 years ago

If your camera have the I/O interface, then you can connect your camera with external alarm devices, such as door sensor, Infrared probe, Smoke detectors.

Step 1:
Follow the definition of the I/O interfaces to wired connect your alarm devices to camera first.

Step 2:
Access the camera and go to Settings ---> Alarm ---> IO menu to setup IO alarm settings.
Enable the I/O Alarm function, check the IO Output and set the schedule of alarm time range.

Also, you can choose the other options if you like, Camera Sound, PC Sound, Sent E-mail, Take Snapshot, Recording.

1. If selecting the Trigger level to low, it will trigger an I/O Alarm when the electrical impulse become to low level on I/O input end;
2. If triggering an I/O alarm, the I/O output device will continuously alarm till you clicking the “Clear I/O Alarm Output”;
3. If you have checked the IO Output option under Motion Detection menu, the I/O output device will continuously alarm too when a motion detected.


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