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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General: Not able to access to Synology NAS  
  2. Application: Application Portal  
  3. Application: How to connect to Synology's VPN Server using a Windows PC or Mac?  
  4. Application: How to create and manage your to-do list with Note Station?  
  5. Application: How to install and use the Google Chrome App for Note Station?  
  6. Application: How to install applications with Package Center?  
  7. Application: How to join the Synology NAS to the LDAP directory service  
  8. Application: How to set up VPN Server in Synology NAS?  
  9. Application: How to submit Support Request to Synology?  
  10. Application: What is Synology Cloud Sync Decryption Tool?  
  11. Backup & Restore: How to retrieve backup files with Hyper Backup Explorer (Windows/Mac/Linux)?  
  12. Backup & Restore: How to use Cloud Station to backup my PC folder? (For Windows users)  
  13. Backup & Restore: How to use Cloud Station to sync files between Synology NAS and Windows computers  
  14. Backup & Restore: What backup software does my Synology NAS support?  
  15. Backup & Restore: What backup tasks are monitored by Hyper Backup Vault?  
  16. Backup: How to back up your Synology NAS  
  17. Cloud Service: How to back up the data in my Google Drive with Synology?  
  18. Cloud Service: How to back up the data on your Synology NAS to the public cloud?  
  19. Compatibility List: How do I check the PID and VID of my USB device?  
  20. DS file (Android)  
  21. DS file (iOS)  
  22. File Sharing: How can I use File Station to access files on my Mac computer?  
  23. File Sharing: How to access files on Synology NAS via FTP?  
  24. File sharing: How to access files on Synology NAS within the local network (NFS)?  
  25. File Sharing: How to create a Shared Folder?  
  26. File Sharing: How to map network drives from your Synology NAS Using Synology Assistant?  
  27. File Sharing: How to set up user's privilege for shared folders on Synology NAS?  
  28. File Sharing: Store files to Synology NAS from a Mac computer within the local network  
  29. File Sharing: Store files to Synology NAS from a Windows PC within the local network  
  30. General: Can I create a high-availability cluster with two different Synology NAS servers?  
  31. General: How do I find the suitable Synology NAS to run MailPlus?  
  32. General: How to change Synology NAS admin & user password?  
  33. General: How to choose the right HDD for my Synology NAS?  
  34. General: How to create a high-availability configuration with Synology NAS?  
  35. General: How to fix if my Windows cannot access shared folder?  
  36. General: How to login to DSM with root permission via SSH/Telnet?  
  37. General: How to make Synology NAS accessible over the Internet?  
  38. General: How to migrate emails from other mail servers to Synology MailPlus Server?  
  39. General: How to migrate Evernote notebooks to Note Station?  
  40. General: How to migrate Synology Mail Server to MailPlus Server?  
  41. General: How to reset your Synology NAS?  
  42. General: How to retrieve Synology System Log?  
  43. General: How to set up MailPlus Server on your Synology NAS?  
  44. General: Unable to map network drive - System Error 67  
  45. General: Upgrading DS1815+ RAM  
  46. General: What can I do if the STATUS LED keeps flashing in orange?  
  47. General: What can I do to fix slow SMB file transfers on OS X 10.11.5?  
  48. General: What is Synology DDNS Service?  
  49. General: What is the RESET button on the Synology product for?  
  50. General: What is the width of my RackStation server?  
  51. General: What kind of CPU does my Synology NAS have?  
  52. General: What network ports are used by Synology services?  
  53. General: What stops my Synology NAS from entering System Hibernation?  
  54. General: What type of fan speed modes are available on my Synology NAS?  
  55. General: What UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) devices do Synology product support?  
  56. General: What USB3.0 external storage devices are supported by Synology NAS?  
  57. General: Which Synology NAS models support WOL (Wake on LAN)?  
  58. General: Why are Skype and MSN push notifications no longer supported in DSM?  
  59. General: Why are the LED indicators on the LAN ports of my Synology NAS not working?  
  60. General: Why can't I use HTTP to configure browser push notifications?  
  61. General: Why can't I use Hyper-V over SMB3 to perform Windows Backup on my Synology NAS?  
  62. General: Why does my Synology NAS have a single volume size limitation of 16TB?  
  63. General: Why does Security Advisor inform me of modified system files?  
  64. Guide: Synology Administrator Training  
  65. How to Enhance the Security of Your Synology NAS  
  66. Installation: How do I install an SSD into my Synology NAS for the best SSD cache performance?  
  67. Multimedia: Can my Synology NAS transcode 4K videos for my device?  
  68. Multimedia: Can my Synology NAS transcode videos for my device?  
  69. Multimedia: How to embed Photo Station to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other websites?  
  70. Network: How to register Synology DNS server IP with Singtel Aztech Router?  
  71. Network: LAN/Internet  
  72. Network: Synology Set up OpenVPN on Mac  
  73. Network: Synology Set up OpenVPN on Windows  
  74. NVR: How do I choose the right PC for Surveillance Station Live View?  
  75. NVR: How do I install Surveillance Station plugin on Internet Explorer to enable Surveillance Station Live View?  
  76. NVR: How to add camera to Synology Surveillance Station?  
  77. NVR: How to customize the transport protocol for my IP camera?  
  78. NVR: How to enable GPU acceleration on Surveillance Station Client  
  79. NVR: How to export IP camera configuration on Synology Surveillance Station?  
  80. NVR: How to make an attempt to install an unsupported IP camera in Surveillance Station?  
  81. NVR: How to make an attempt to install an unsupported IP camera in Surveillance Station? (New)  
  82. NVR: How to operate the fisheye dewarping feature in Surveillance Station?  
  83. NVR: Is Surveillance Station web player compatible with my browser and client operating system?  
  84. NVR: What joystick does Synology Surveillance Station support?  
  85. NVR: Which Surveillance Station features are currently not available on NVR216 Local Display, VS360HD, and Surveillance Station Client?  
  86. NVR: Why is Surveillance Station plugin deactivated after the installation? (NPAPI issue for Google Chrome version 44 and older)  
  87. Resolving Synology NAS Resource Monitor Issues  
  88. SRM: Can Synology Router RT1900ac works with Singtel Mio TV?  
  89. SRM: How come the "Oops! Website blocked!" page does not pop up even when a website has been blocked by my custom Web-filter?  
  90. Storage: Choose a RAID Type  
  91. Storage: Does the eSATA port of Synology products support eSATA disk enclosures with port multipliers?  
  92. Storage: How can I recover data from my DiskStation using a PC?  
  93. Storage: How do I enable file self-healing on DSM?  
  94. Storage: How to create a Volume?  
  95. Storage: How to increase Synology Storage Raid rebuild speed?  
  96. Storage: How to repair a Volume or Disk Group?  
  97. Storage: RAID Scrubbing*  
  98. Storage: SSD Cache*  
  99. Storage: What is Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR)?  
  100. Storage: Which file system should I use to create a volume?  
  101. Storage: Which models have limited support to Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR)?  
  102. Storage: Which Synology DiskStation/RackStation can I use with Synology Expansion Units?  
  103. Swapping Hard Drive Bay Placement in Synology NAS  
  104. Virtualization: Configuring iSCSI port binding with multiple NICs in one vSwitch for VMware ESXi 5.x and 6.0.x  
  105. Virtualization: Considerations for using software iSCSI port binding in ESX/ESXi (2038869)  
  106. Virtualization: How to use iSCSI Targets on Mac computers?  
  107. Virtualization: How to Use iSCSI Targets on VMware ESXi Server with Multipath Support?  
  108. Virtualization: How to Use Port Binding to Configure Multipathing on VMware for Synology NAS?  
  109. What can I do to enhance the wireless transfer performance of my Synology Router?  
  110. White Paper: CMS Failover in Surveillance Station 8.0.0 and above  
  111. White Paper: Synology High Availability (SHA)  
  112. White Paper: Synology High Availability (SHA) - Shared Storage  
  113. White Paper: Synology QuickConnect  

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