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Backup & Restore: How to retrieve backup files with Hyper Backup Explorer (Windows/Mac/Linux)?
Last Updated 6 years ago


Hyper Backup Explorer is a compact desktop tool that runs on Windows/Mac/Linux computers, designed for feature evaluation, access to multi-version backups, and emergency data retrieval. This desktop tool helps you browse and retrieve backup files stored in proprietary repositories created by Hyper Backup, in case unexpected data loss strikes your Synology NAS.

This article will guide you through the process of using Hyper Backup Explorer to retrieve backup files to a Windows computer.

1. Before You Start

Before you retrieve backup files to the local computer, make sure you have completed the following task:
  • Downloaded Hyper Backup Explorer from Synology's Download Center and launched this desktop tool on your Windows/Mac/Linux computer.

2. Browse and Retrieve Backup Files

  1. After you launch Hyper Backup Explorer, click Browse Backup File.
  2. Access the backup target on the destination. In this case, the backup target is stored in an external hard drive connected to the local computer.
  3. Select and open the SynologyHyperBackup.bkpi file in the backup target. Enter password if the file is encrypted.
  4. A backup target may contain multiple versions of backup files. To switch between versions, do either action:
    • Calendar icon: Click the calendar icon and then the date with the desired backup version. Dates with backup versions are marked in red text.
    • Left and right arrows: Click the leftward arrow to find a later created version; click the rightward arrow to find an earlier version.
  5. After selecting the desired version, continue to find the contained backup file for retrieval.
  6. Right-click the backup file and click Copy to for download. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file to the local desktop or a folder through Windows File Explorer.
  7. To browse files in another backup target, click Browse another backup file to continue.


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