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NVR: Is Surveillance Station web player compatible with my browser and client operating system?
Last Updated 5 years ago

HTML5 player is now used in Surveillance Station web-based interface for video streaming. You no longer need to install plugins to watch Live View, Camera Preview, Timeline, and Recording Playback, as well as the functions including sequential layout, multiple streams, and image enhancement supports.

Surveillance Station 8.1 web player is compatible with Google Chrome (version 59.0.3071 or above) on Windows. Surveillance Station web player may still work with other browsers (e.g. Firefox, Microsoft Edge, et cetera) on other client operating systems. However, since our test was conducted on Google Chrome for Windows only, the stability of any other environment cannot be guaranteed for the time being, along with the unavailability of technical support.

Surveillance Station 8.1 Web Player's Limitations on Google Chrome

  • Only H.264 and MJPEG video codecs are supported.
  • At most 36 channels are supported in Live View layout.
  • The following functions are not supported:
    • Time slicing for recordings
    • PTZ operations with joysticks
    • Fisheye Dewarping
    • Smart Search
    • Live View Analytics

If you are constrained by the limitations listed above when using Surveillance Station 8.1 web player on Google Chrome, we recommend using Surveillance Station Client, or the web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari, which have passed our compatibility tests.


When you are not able to experience smooth video playback, try to follow the steps below to disable GPU hardware acceleration option in Google Chrome:

  1. Go to Settings page in Google Chrome.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Under the System section, disable the Use hardware acceleration when available option, and then restart Google Chrome.


  • Surveillance Station 8.1 adopts the method of plugin installation to access Live View and Recording Playback in Internet Explorer and Safari. However, Surveillance Station 8.2 and newer versions will cease the support for plugins.

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