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General: What UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) devices do Synology product support?
Last Updated 6 years ago

All Synology NAS can work with UPS devices to ensure continuous power supply. The UPS can either connect to your Synology NAS via USB or network, depending on your environment.
With any UPS model on our compatibility list, users can also:
  1. extend UPS service to a second Synology NAS using Network UPS Server (Control Panel > Hardware & Power > UPS): in this case, the first Synology NAS connects to the UPS via USB, and acts as a Network UPS Server to relays UPS information to the other “client” Synology NAS devices in its local network.
  2. insert a SNMP UPS card in the UPS device to connect to Synology NAS via network: All Synology NAS running on DSM 4.2 or above supports SNMP v1 and v2c. This is to say, users can attach a SNMP UPS card (SNMP v1 or v2c compliant) to the UPS device to connect it to a local network. In this network, the SNMP card acts as the SNMP server from which the client Synology NAS devices obtain SNMP data.
We recommend using USB 2.0 to connect your Synology NAS and the UPS device.
The list of supported UPS devices:
Brand Model
APC Back-UPS CS 650
APC Back-UPS ES 350
APC Back-UPS ES 500
APC Back-UPS RS 800
APC Back-UPS XS 1000
APC Smart-UPS 750
APC Smart-UPS 1500
CyberPower BR450E*
CyberPower BR450ELCD*
CyberPower BR650E*
CyberPower BR650ELCD*
CyberPower BR850E*
CyberPower BR850ELCD*
CyberPower BS450ELCD*
CyberPower BS650ELCD*
CyberPower BS850ELCD
CyberPower CP1000AVRLCD*
CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD*
CyberPower CP1050EAVRLCD*
CyberPower CP1200AVR*
CyberPower CP1285AVRLCD*
CyberPower CP1300EPFCLCD*
CyberPower CP1350AVRLCD*
CyberPower CP1350EAVRLCD*
CyberPower CP1350PFCLCD*
CyberPower CP1500AVRT*
CyberPower CP1500EAVRLCD*
CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD*
CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD*
CyberPower CP425HG*
CyberPower CP425SLG*
CyberPower CP500HG*
CyberPower CP550HG*
CyberPower CP550SLG*
CyberPower CP600LCD*
CyberPower CP625HG*
CyberPower CP685AVR*
CyberPower CP685AVRG*
CyberPower CP685AVRLCD*
CyberPower CP800AVR*
CyberPower CP825AVRG*
CyberPower CP825AVRLCD*
CyberPower CP825LCD*
CyberPower CP850AVRLCD*
CyberPower CP850PFCLCD*
CyberPower CP900AVR*
CyberPower CP900EPFCLCD*
CyberPower OR600ELCDRM1U*
CyberPower OR1000ELCDRM1U*
CyberPower OR1000LCDRM1U*
CyberPower OR1500ELCDRM1U*
CyberPower OR1500LCDRM1U
CyberPower OR1500LCDRM2U*
CyberPower OR1500LCDRTXL2U*
CyberPower OR1500PFCRT2U*
CyberPower OR2200LCDRM2U*
CyberPower OR2200LCDRTXL2U*
CyberPower OR2200PFCRT2U*
CyberPower OR2200PFCRT2Ua*
CyberPower OR500LCDRM1U*
CyberPower OR700LCDRM1U*
CyberPower DX400E
CyberPower DX600E*
CyberPower DX800E*
CyberPower Value400E*
CyberPower Value400E-GP*
CyberPower Value600E*
CyberPower Value600E-GP*
CyberPower Value800E*
CyberPower Value800E-GP*
CyberPower Value1000E-GP*
CyberPower Value1200E-GP*
CyberPower Value1500E-GP*
CyberPower Value2200E-GP*
Nitram PB450LCD*
Nitram PB650LCD*
Nitram PB850LCD*
Nitram ELITE Value 400E*
Nitram ELITE Value 600E*
Nitram ELITE Value 800E*
Nitram ELITE Value 1000E*
Nitram ELITE Value 1200E*
Nitram ELITE Value 1500E*
Nitram ELITE Value 600ELCDRM1U*
Nitram ELITE Value 1000ELCDRM1U*
Nitram ELITE Value 1500ELCDRM1U*
MGE Evolution 500
PowerWalker VI 600 SE
PowerWalker VI 800 SE
PowerWalker VI 1000 SE
PowerWalker VI 1400 SE
PowerWalker VI 2000 SE
PowerWalker VI 1000
PowerWalker VI 1400
PowerWalker VI 2000
PowerWalker VI 650 SE
PowerWalker VI 850 SE
PowerWalker VI 1200
PowerWalker VI 2200
PowerWalker VI 650 SE/FR
PowerWalker VI 850 SE/FR
PowerWalker VI 1200/FR
PowerWalker VI 2200/FR
PowerWalker VI 650 LCD
PowerWalker VI 850 LCD
PowerWalker VI 1000 LCD
PowerWalker VI 1500 LCD
PowerWalker VI 2000 LCD
PowerWalker VI 650 LCD/FR
PowerWalker VI 850 LCD/FR
PowerWalker VI 1000 LCD/FR
PowerWalker VI 1500 LCD/FR
PowerWalker VI 2000 LCD/FR
PowerWalker VI 650 LCD/UK
PowerWalker VI 850 LCD/UK
PowerWalker VI 1000 LCD/UK
PowerWalker VI 1500 LCD/UK
PowerWalker VI 2000 LCD/UK
PowerWalker VI 750R
PowerWalker VI 1500R
PowerWalker VI 3000R
PowerWalker VI 1000RT LCD
PowerWalker VI 1500RT LCD
PowerWalker VI 2000RT LCD
PowerWalker VI 3000RT LCD
PowerWalker VFI 1000 LCD
PowerWalker VFI 1500 LCD
PowerWalker VFI 2000 LCD
PowerWalker VFI 3000 LCD
PowerWalker VFI 6000 LCD
PowerWalker VFI 10000 LCD
PowerWalker VFI 6000C LCD
PowerWalker VFI 10000C LCD
PowerWalker VFI 1000T LCD
PowerWalker VFI 2000T LCD
PowerWalker VFI 3000T LCD
PowerWalker VFI 6000T LCD
PowerWalker VFI 10000T LCD
PowerWalker VFI 1000RT LCD
PowerWalker VFI 1500RT LCD
PowerWalker VFI 2000RT LCD
PowerWalker VFI 3000RT LCD
PowerWalker VFI 6000RT LCD
PowerWalker VFI 10000RT LCD
PowerWalker VFI 6000P/RT LCD
PowerWalker VFI 10000P/RT LCD
PowerWalker VFI 1000RM LCD
PowerWalker VFI 1500RM LCD
PowerWalker VFI 2000RM LCD
PowerWalker VFI 3000RM LCD
PowerWalker VFI 1000R LCD
PowerWalker VFI 1500R LCD
PowerWalker VFI 2000R LCD
PowerWalker VFI 3000R LCD
PowerWalker VFI 6000R LCD
PowerWalker VFI 10000R LCD
PowerWalker VFI 3000R
PowerWalker VFI 1000 LE
PowerWalker VFI 3000 LE
PowerWalker VFI 6000 LE
PowerWalker VFI 6000 LE PLUS

You may also consult the user reported list of compatible UPS devices (for your reference only).
Other than the models officially tested to be compatible with Synology NAS, we’ve also integrated support for UPS devices that run on these drivers: apcsmart, bcmxcp_usb, blazer_usb, metasys, netxml-ups, optiups, powercom, powerpanel, richcomm_usb, snmp-ups, tripplite_usb, and usbhid-ups.
* Because other models in the same series have been tested as compatible, this UPS device is also considered compatible according to its UPS manufacturer.

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