QNAP Systems, Inc., as its brand promise "Quality Network Appliance Provider", aims to deliver comprehensive offerings of cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) and network video recorder (NVR) solutions featured with ease-of-use, robust operation, large storage capacity, and trustworthy reliability. QNAP integrates technologies and designs to bring forth quality products that effectively improve business efficiency on file sharing, virtualization applications, storage management and surveillance in the business environments, as well as enrich entertainment life for home users with the offering of a fun multimedia center experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General: Not able to access to QNAP Turbo NAS  
  2. Application: How to submit Support Request to QNAP?  
  3. Application: How to use Container Station?  
  4. Backup: Create, manage and revert to snapshots on QNAP Turbo NAS  
  5. Backup: Creating an External Backup Job  
  6. Backup: How to Configure NetBak Replicator Back Up - Windows  
  7. Backup: How to Configure Time Machine Back Up - Mac?  
  8. Backup: How to use Hybrid Backup Sync to backup/restore/synchronize your files on a QNAP NAS  
  9. File Access: How do I use Qsync to backup my PC folder? (For Windows users)  
  10. File Access: How do I use Qsync to synchronize files on my computers and NAS? (For Mac users)  
  11. File Access: How do I use Qsync to synchronize files on my computers and NAS? (For Windows users)  
  12. File Access: How to use File Station to manage files on a QNAP NAS?  
  13. File Access: How to Use OCR Converter to Recognize and Extract Text from Images?  
  14. File access: Mapping a Shared Folder to a Windows Computer  
  15. File Sharing: Why my File Station’s “Show files and folders of my PC” does not work?  
  16. General: Accessing your QNAP NAS with myQNAPcloud Service  
  17. General: Does TS-x51/x53's HDMI output support HDMI 1.4 for 4K TV?  
  18. General: How do I reset the administrator password of my NAS?  
  19. General: How to change QNAP NAS admin & user password?  
  20. General: How to fix if my Windows cannot access NAS shared folder?  
  21. General: How to reset your QNAP NAS?  
  22. General: How to retrieve QNAP Diagnostic Log?  
  23. General: How to retrieve QNAP System Log?  
  24. General: NAS User Manual  
  25. General: QNAP NAS Installation  
  26. General: QNAP SSD Cache White Paper  
  27. General: Rack Kit Installation Guide for 1U NAS Servers  
  28. General: What Is The Port Number Used By QNAP NAS?  
  29. General: Why does my NAS system log report that the “File system is not clean”?  
  30. Guide : QNAP NAS Workshop  
  31. Guide: QNAP Administrator Training  
  32. Management: How to use push service?  
  33. Miscellaneous: How do I search QNAP NAS using Qfinder Pro?  
  34. Miscellaneous: How to use the Helpdesk app to solve issues and provide feedback  
  35. Multimedia Management couldn't add in new folder path as "Media Folder"  
  36. Multimedia: How do I install Twonky in Ubuntu using Linux Station?  
  37. Multimedia: How to install Ubuntu on Linux Station and launch software in Ubuntu Software Center?  
  38. Multimedia: How to manage videos with Video Station?  
  39. Multimedia: How to transcode videos to formats suitable for other devices?  
  40. Multimedia: Which video formats support hardware acceleration?  
  41. Multimedia: Why does it say ''VLC media player is not installed'' when I play the video in Google Chrome?  
  42. Network & Security: How to use myQNAPcloud (QID) to remotely manage a NAS?  
  43. Network: Does my NAS support QNAP Network & Virtual Switch?  
  44. Network: How to configure to static IP address?  
  45. Network: How to set up a QNAP NAS as a VPN server?  
  46. Network: How to set up and use QVPN 2.0 ?  
  47. Network: Set up OpenVPN on Mac  
  48. Network: Set up OpenVPN on Windows  
  49. Network: What's DNS server IP address for Singapore ISP teleco?  
  50. QNAP: How Do You Set Up a Secure Volume with Encryption?  
  51. Quickbook: Not Able to Access the Q Drive (Quickbook Database)  
  52. Security: How to enhance account security using 2-step verification?  
  53. Storage: Hot-swapping the hard drives when the RAID degraded  
  54. Storage: How to Change the RAID type of a RAID group?  
  55. Storage: How to create and use the iSCSI target service on a QNAP Turbo NAS?  
  56. Storage: How to Expand Capacity by Adding a Drive?  
  57. Storage: How to increase QNAP Storage Raid rebuild speed?  
  58. Storage: How to re-build multiple volumes to use snapshots after upgrading to QTS 4.2.0?  
  59. Storage: QNAP Storage Performance Best Practice  
  60. Storage: QNAP Turbo NAS Choose a RAID Type  
  61. Storage: Which models can support SSD caching and how much memory is needed?  
  62. Surveillance Station 5.0: How many camera licenses / free channels do my NAS have?  
  63. Surveillance Station 5.0: How to add your camera which is not listed in the selection?  
  64. Swapping Hard Drive Bay Placement in QNAP NAS  
  65. System Setting : Security  
  66. System Setting : System Log  
  67. Virtualization Station: How to access QNAP Virtual Machine using Remote Desktop Connection  
  68. Virtualization Station: How to use Virtualization Station?  
  69. Virtualization Station: Modify and Change Remote Desktop Listening Port  
  70. Virtualization Station: Networking modes of Virtualization Station  
  71. Virtualization Station: Virtual OS with USB support for CardPresso Dongle, HiTi and Zebra Card Printer.  
  72. Web Server & Applications: How do I reset or change a root password for MySQL?  
  73. Why Your NAS Doesn't Power On or Boot?  

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