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File access: Mapping a Shared Folder to a Windows Computer
Last Updated a year ago

With Qfinder Pro, you can find all the available QNAP NAS devices on your network. You can map a NAS shared folder as a network drive so that you can quickly access and manage files from your Windows device.

Note:To download and install Qfinder Pro for Windows, go to

1. Open Qfinder Pro.

Qfinder Pro displays all QNAP NAS devices connected to the local area network.image
2. Select the NAS and then go to Tools > Map Network Drive.

3. Select a shared folder and then click Map Network Drive.

4. Type your NAS user name and password.

5. Specify a drive letter for the shared folder.

6. Click Finish.

The shared folder is mapped as a network drive and can be accessed using Windows Explorer.

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