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Application: How to submit Support Request to QNAP?
Last Updated 6 years ago

QNAP Helpdesk is the official QPKG for technical support. With QNAP Helpdesk you can easily get help or other information regarding using your QNAP NAS, and even automatically attach system logs when sending support requests. With your permission, QNAP Helpdesk also allows QNAP support engineers to remotely access your NAS to attempt to resolve technical issues. Please feel free to use this QPKG whenever you need help or technical support for your NAS.

From the Helpdesk QPKG > Overview, you could find useful information related to NAS.

From the Helpdesk QPKG > Help Request, here's the place for you to fill in your information and the problem that you encounter.
Note: Always attachged system logs for QNAP Engineer to have better understanding of your NAS problems.

After you had submit the issue, you will received and email regards to QNAP Support Ticket #.

From the Helpdesk QPKG > Remote Support, please fill in the Support Ticket # and your email address to activate the remote support.
From the Helpdesk QPKG > Setting, please re-confirm the setting so that the ticket were generated and handle by respective region Support Engineers.


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