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Virtualization Station: Virtual OS with USB support for CardPresso Dongle, HiTi and Zebra Card Printer.
Last Updated 4 years ago

First, we required to have a window OS installed and running. Entering to Virtualization Station UI, mount existing USB device.

Scenario 1: We are having CardPresso USB dongle with HiTI CS-200e Card Printer., all are connected via USB.

Scenario 2: We are having CardPresso USB dongle with Zebra ZXP32 card printer, all are connected via USB.

Working Environment:
Login to Virtual Window Os, install CardPresso. Software will automatically verity the license through the attached dongle.

Next is to confirm the Printer, install the driver respectively and counter check the properties.

With the setup from Virtualization Station, we are able to print from the Virtual Window OS.


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