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General: Rack Kit Installation Guide for 1U NAS Servers
Last Updated 6 years ago

Before we start, please double check the contents on hand:

Accessory box:• Mounting bracket x 2
• Handle x 2
• Flat head screw x 8
Rack kit:
• Rack rail x 2
• L-bracket x 4
• M4x4 screw x 1 pack
• Washer x 1 pack
• M5x15 screw x 1 pack
• M5x8 screw x 1 pack

Step 1: Press the latch on the inside of the rack rail and remove the inner rack rail.

Step 2: Install the inner rails
Attach the inner rails (one per side) to the chassis as shown in the picture.
Pull the rail forward until it clicks into the locked position.

Step 3: Secure each inner rail with four M4x4 round head screws.

Step 4: Measure the depth of the rack.

Step 5.1: Attach the L-bracket to each side of the outer rail. Adjust the rail length to the same as the depth of the rack measured in step 4.

Step 5.2: Attach a washer to each M4x4 screw. Secure each L-bracket and the outer rail with the screws.

Step 6: Attach a handle to each mounting bracket with two M4x4 flat head screws.

Step 7: Attach the mounting brackets (with handle) to the front left and right of the chassis, each with two M4x4 flat head screws.

Step 8: Attach three clip nuts to each front rack post and two clip nuts to each rear rack post. The clip nuts attached to the rear rack posts should align with the upper and lower clips nuts on the front rack posts.

Step 9: Install the outer rails to the rack. Make sure the holes of the L-brackets match the position of the clip nuts. Secure each outer rail to the rack with two M5x8 screws on the front and two M5x8 screws on the rear. Fasten the screws to the upper and lower clip nuts on the front rack post.

Step 10: Extend the inner slide of the outer rail from the front rack.

Step 11: Make sure the inner rails are captured by the outer rails. Slide the chassis into the rack until it is locked into place.

Step 12: Secure the server chassis to the rack with two M5x15 screws. The screws should be locked to the middle clip nuts on the front rack posts.


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