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Multimedia: How to install Ubuntu on Linux Station and launch software in Ubuntu Software Center?
Last Updated 3 years ago

1. Open the App Center and find "Linux Station". Click "Install" to add it to your NAS.
2. Open Linux Station and select "Install Ubuntu 16.04 add-on from Linux Containers website".
3. After Ubuntu 16.04 is installed, click “Enable”. Connect a keyboard, mouse and HDMI display to your NAS to directly use Ubuntu.
4. Open the browser and log in.
5. Open the Ubuntu Software Center.
6. You can now find and download applications to use with Ubuntu.

Note: When viewing Linux Station on an HDMI monitor, do not use the Remote Desktop feature in Linux Station to view the same instance of Linux Station in a web browser. Using both display methods simultaneously results in continuous mirroring of the desktop.


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