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Miscellaneous: How do I search QNAP NAS using Qfinder Pro?
Last Updated 7 years ago

How do I search QNAP NAS using Qfinder Pro?

Qfinder Pro is a utility that allows you to quickly search and manage your NAS under the same network. Qfinder Pro supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and Google Chrome OS.

Download and install Qfinder Pro

  1. Go to the QNAP website and download Qfinder Pro for your operating system:
  2. Follow the instructions to install Qfinder Pro.

Search and connect to a NAS via Qfinder Pro

1. Open Qfinder Pro then it will automatically search for QNAP NAS in the same network. If you cannot find you NAS, please ensure that your computer is on the same network as your NAS.

2. Find the NAS you want to connect to, and double click on it to connect via web browser.

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