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General: How to retrieve QNAP Diagnostic Log?
Last Updated 6 years ago

For troubleshooting purposes, sometime we require the diagnostic log and system log to verify the issues.

Here shows how  you could retrieve the files:

- QPKG log file and the System log file for QNAP Engineer analysis
(see below for the instructions*)

get the System log file, go to the System Settings -> System Logs
-> System Event Logs and press the button 'Save' and please, send us
the zip file

*To get QPKG log file, please, perform the following -
1. Download the QPKG from the following link and unzip it.
2. Install the QPKG from the NAS App Center
3. Enable the "QNAP Diagnostic Tool" App
4. Follow the link to the Diagnostic Tool
5. Select the "Dump Logs" page
6. Click Dump, and download the zip file from the link
7. Remove the QNAP Diagnostic Tool from the App Center
8. Please, send the zip file as share link.


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