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Guide : QNAP NAS Workshop
Last Updated 2 years ago

  1. Introduction Qfinder
    Link to download
  2. Introduction QNAP QTS Web interface
    QNP168 - Understand Your NAS System
  3. System Notification
    Discover the useful functions of Notification Center
  4. System log
    System Setting : System Log

    General: How to retrieve Qnap System Log?
  5. System Security
    QNP203 - Set up network access protection
  6. How to Update Firmware
    QNP165 - Manually Update Firmware for QNAP NAS
  7. Introduction Storage manager
    [Webinar Recording] - A Complete Guide to QNAP Storage Management
  8. How to create/modify User
    QNP120 - Setup User Permission on QNAP NAS
  9. How to create/modify User Group
    QNP121 - Setup Group Permission on a QNAP NAS
  10. How to create/modify Shared Folder
    QNP122 - Setup Folder Permission
  11. How to access the file from PC
  12. How to access file with web Interface
    QNP101 - Transfer Files via QNAP File Station

    QNP225 - How to Share Files with QNAP NAS
    Transfer Files from other NAS to QNAP NAS in 3 steps
  13. How to access file with mobile
    QNP 339 - Setup QNAP mobile apps with myQNAPCloud service
    How to access and share files with Qfile (Android app)
  14. Introduction Cloudlink
    QNP201 - Set up myQNAPcloud
  15. How to access the file remotely
    QNP208 - Remote Access via CloudLink
  16. How to Installing an App on the QNAP
    QNP166 - Installing an App on the QNAP
  17. How to use Qsirch
    How to use Qsirch
  18. Introduction Qsync
    How to Synchronize files on my Computers & NAS
  19. Multimedia management
  20. Music Station
  21. Photo Station
  22. HybridDesk Station
  23. Backup method
  24. Introduction ACE’s support

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