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Backup: Create, manage and revert to snapshots on QNAP Turbo NAS
Last Updated 8 years ago

“No more data loss with snapshots!”

Snapshots allow your Turbo NAS to record the state of the system at any time. If an unexpected disaster occurs on your system, you can revert it to the previous state that the snapshot has recorded. This application note demonstrates how to create snapshots from volumes and how to revert to them using the snapshot manager.
Please note: The snapshot feature is only available for specific models with QTS 4.2.0 or above. Please refer to the QNAP website for more information.

Take a snapshot

Before taking a snapshot, there must be at least one volume on your Turbo NAS. If you need to build a volume, please go to “Storage” > ”Storage Space”.
  1. Go to “Storage Space” and choose the source volume you want to take the snapshot of.
  2. Select “Snapshot” > ”Take a snapshot”.
  3. The settings window will be shown. Enter a name (or use the default name) for the snapshot, and choose a retention time for the snapshot. Select “OK”.
  4. The snapshot job will be executed immediately. Once finished, you will see a confirmation message.
  5. Go to “Snapshot” > ”Snapshot Manager” to get information regarding the snapshot you just created.
  6. From the Snapshot Manager you can see a synopsis of snapshots in the left window, and you can browse through folders and see files on the snapshots on the right.
  7. Click image to get advanced information regarding snapshots in an expanded window.

Create a snapshot schedule

  1. In “Snapshot Manager”, choose ”Schedule".
  2. Tick the “Enable schedule” checkbox and specify the schedule settings. Select “Ok”.
Restore files from a snapshot You can use snapshots to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, overwritten, or corrupted.
  1. In the “Snapshot Manager”, choose the snapshot and select the folders/files you want to restore in the right window. Then select “Restore” > ”Restore”.
  2. You will need to confirm the restore action.
  3. The files/folders will be restored. This may take some time.

Revert the system using a snapshot

You can also revert all of the system files to when the snapshot was taken.
Please note: Reverting to a snapshot will discard all of the changes made to the volume since the snapshot was taken.
  1. In the “Snapshot Manager”, choose the resource snapshot and select “Revert”.
  2. You will receive a system warning to ensure you do not accidentally revert to a snapshot. Select “OK” to revert.
  3. The job will automatically execute. Reverting to a snapshot may take some time.
  4. Once finished, you will see a confirmation message. Your Turbo NAS will now be in the previous state.


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