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Quickbook: Not Able to Access the Q Drive (Quickbook Database)
Last Updated 3 years ago

Not Able to Access the Q Drive (Quickbook Database)

If you are trying to access to the Q Drive and you received the error message “network path not found” please find below guide

  1. Check if QNAP Server is power on.
    1. Physically check the QNAP Server Status and the light at power adapter is having steady green light. If the QNAP Server or power adapter do not have any power at all. You may make an appointment with our support team to send in the NAS for troubleshoot.
    2. Use Qfinder Pro to Search the NAS within your NetworkMiscellaneous: How do I search QNAP NAS using Qfinder Pro?
  2. If the QNAP server is power on and you still not able to access to the Q Drive, you will need to check if the Quickbook Server is power on.
    1. Log in to QNAP Server with your internet browser Go to Virtualization Station > Overview, make sure the Status is showing Green.
    2. If the Status is showing Grey, please press the Power Button to power on the Quickbook Server
  3. Once the Quickbook Server is running, please go to the Quickbook Server to run the Quickbook Database
    1. Please log in to the Quickbook Server with Remote Desktop. The login details should be given to you during the set up.
    2. Once you login successful, you will to see a Window interface and this is your Quickbook Server.
    3. Please run Quickbook Database and use your PC to run the Q Drive and Quickbook Client.

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