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Multimedia: Which video formats support hardware acceleration?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Applied Models:
  • All NAS Series         

The following formats support hardware acceleration. Software decoding will be used for formats not mentioned below. The performance of software decoding will be limited to the system performance, and some video formats may not be played smoothly during On-the-fly transcoding. If this situation arises, consider using offline transcoding.

Supported formats for hardware acceleration:
Intel hardware accelerated series:
H.264 CB, H.264 Main, H.264 High@L4.1 , MPEG2 Simple, MPEG2 Main@HL, VC1 Simple, VC1 Main, VC1 ASP@Level 3

AMD hardware accelerated series:
H.264 High@L4.1, VC1 ASP@Level 3, MPEG4-P2 (Advanced Simple Profile), MPEG-2


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