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Management: How to use push service?
Last Updated 4 years ago


The push service lets you receive notification messages on your mobile devices if a warning or error event occurs - allowing you to quickly receive first-hand information from your NAS and instantly react to keep your data safe. (You must have “Qmanager” installed on your mobile devices to receive notifications.)
You must have firmware QTS 4.2.0 with Qmanager iOS 1.8.0 / Qmanager Android 2.1.0 or above.

Enable push service

1. Go to “Control Panel” > “System Settings” > “Notification” > “Push Service” and enter the settings page. The push service uses myQNAPcloud as push server, so you must log in using your QID to initiate the cloud service before using the push service.

2. Choose the notification types that you want to receive (warnings or errors.)

Pair and receive push notifications

1. Install Qmanager on your mobile device(Qmanager iOS 1.8.0 / Android 2.1.0 or above).
2. When using Qmanager to log into the NAS for the first time, the system will automatically check the firmware version and ask the user if they want to receive push notifications.

3. You can go to the server settings page to change push service properties.

4. The NAS will send alert notifications to paired mobile devices when a warning or error event occurs.

On occasion you may not receive system notifications instantly due to iOS and Android server

Manage paired devices

1. Below is a list of paired devices. Here you can toggle notifications of devices or delete them.


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