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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I adjust the text spacing in CardDesiree CS?  
  2. Can I encode contactless or contact card while applying Ethernet module to my CS-200e?  
  3. Can I name the database with "-"?  
  4. Can I use Microsoft Office Word to print to CS200e?  
  5. Fail to install driver at Windows 7 32-bit. What should I do?  
  6. HiTi: CS200e Error code 0300 Ribbon Search Failed  
  7. HiTi: CS200e Error Code 0301 Ribbon Out 02  
  8. How can I disable the cleaning reminder for P510PL, P510PS, P510Si, P518A, P518S, P510K, P720L or P728L?  
  9. How can I print only part of items in the database in CardDesiree CS?  
  10. How come the edge of number is cut and flat, print out from CS200e?  
  11. How come white band shows on the edge, print out from CS200e?  
  12. How do I install the driver manually in Windows 8?  
  13. How do I set printer default (for instance, CS-310 driver)?  
  14. How to create a template and import it into P510K  
  15. How to create and upload template to P510S  
  16. How to Create Database in Microsoft Excel 2003/ 2007/ 2010/ 2013 for CS200/ CS220/ CS310/ CS320  
  17. How to disable digital signature enforcement on Windows 7 and 8 drivers  
  18. How to do clean and maintain your Card Printer?  
  19. How to do Correction of Ribbon Sensor for Card Printer  
  20. How to Download Maintenance Info for HiTi Card Printer & Photo Printer?  
  21. How to update PC Driver & Printer Firmware for Card Printer & Photo Printer  
  22. How to use CardDesiree CS for batch print?  
  23. I’m annoyed with the HiTi Registration Wizard, how to I turn it off?  
  24. Pringo Basic Edit Function  
  25. Pringo Card Function: How to make Business Card?  
  26. Pringo Card Function: How to make Business Card? (ADVANCE)  
  27. Pringo Card Function: How to make Greeting Card?  
  28. Pringo Card Function: How to make Greeting Card? (ADVANCE)  
  29. Routine Maintenance for HiTi P720L  
  30. The compatibility of Windows system for printing sharing.  
  31. What is CardDesiree CS Application Default ID and Password?  
  32. What Should I do if “Card Jam" error occurs to my CS-200e?  
  33. Where can I set paper size? What is the difference between 2up and split function in the P510 series and P720L driver?  
  34. Why do I always get “install driver fail” message, or sometimes installation program simply doesn’t start?  
  35. Why there is always this error message when I install the driver?  

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