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How to do clean and maintain your Card Printer?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Routine / Regular printer cleaning

Note: Proactive reminder of cleaning is given by the driver, and it is required to go with the instruction, or else the warranty on TPH may be invalid.

Using Cleaning Card

Note: Each pack/box of HiTi original consumables should contain one single piece of cleaning card.
a. Remove any remaining cards from input card feeder. b. Remove pilled protection film from the cleaning card and then place it in the feeder. c. Go to print settings in the driver, and access Printing Preference. Choose tab Tools, then apply Cleaning Tool.

Using Dust Arrester

Note: Each pack/box of HiTi original consumables should contain a set of dust arrester (with cleaning roller).

If first to use...
a. Take the dust arrester with cleaning roller from the accessory box of printer carton.
b. Remove adhesive film from the cleaning roller, and then put dust arrester into the printer.

If need to change cleaning roller of dust arrester...

Cleaning TPH (Thermal Print Head)

1. Please unplug the power cable from printer before start doing TPH cleaning process. Try not to make any direct physical contact to TPH with any metal/sharp objects or your fingers. The TPH and its components must be kept away from any discharge of static electricity.

2. In order to maintain original print out quality, it is highly recommended to perform this process every time when a ribbon is changed.

a. Press the top opening button to open cover gently, and the TPH is attached to the ribbon door.

b. Please use the sponge stick to clean the TPH.


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