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How to update PC Driver & Printer Firmware for Card Printer & Photo Printer
Last Updated 7 years ago

Download & Install new PC driver:
  1. Login to Windows as ‘Administrator’ privilege.
  2. Before installing the driver, please unplug or power off the printer.
  3. Visit HiTi website to download the new driver & firmware for Mac or Windows 
  4. Download the driver & firmware 
    • Step 1 Select for MAC or Windows 

    • Step 2 Select printer model or 'discountinued' & click 'Next' 
  5. Please read below T&C and click 'Go' to start download & select the location to save the file. (For P510K Please make sure to download the collect Patch by go to printer 'Back Stage' to check your Patch version is v1.4 or v2.0.)
  6. Specify the location where you would like to unzip the driver file & select ‘Extract’. 
  7. Find and open the Drivers folder. Execute ‘autorun.exe’ to proceed the program.
  8. After the copy is completed, the system will remind you to connect the USB to complete the installation.
  9. Connect your printer to PC via USB port and power on the printer.
  10. PC will start to copy the files & installation completed.

Firmware Update:
The firmware update files are currently included with the latest drivers. If you have not yet downloaded the latest drivers, please do so by follow the steps above.

  1. Update Firmware for Card Printer & Photo Printer (except P510K, plese see below for Update Firmware for P510K)
    • Step 1 Find and open the firmware folder. Execute ‘BurnFW.exe’ to proceed the program. 
    • Step 2 Click Start to proceed the Upgrade & the printer will restart itself once completed.
  2. Update Firmware for P510K
    • Step 1 Open the folder that contained the Driver files. This folder will contain the firmware files (“p510k_fw_update” and “p510k_os_update”) highlighted in the pictures.
    • Step 2 Copy the two firmware files to the main directory of a USB flash drive or memory card (SD, micro SD, CF, MS, xD). Note: Do not unzip the two files, just copy over as is.
    • Step 3 On the main screen of the printer, tap the upper right hand corner twice to enter the “BackStage” The default password will be “1, 2, 3, 4″.
    • Step 4 Press the right arrow until the “Settings & Update” tab is reached.
    • Step 5 Insert the USB drive or memory card and select “install patches” to start the firmware update.
    • Step 6 Once the update is complete, the printer will restart once you press the “OK” button. Remove any USB drive or memory card and press “OK”. When the printer has fully restarted, the printer is ready for use.

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