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Pringo Card Function: How to make Business Card?
Last Updated 8 years ago


1. Select a photo you like

2. Tap on Card icon → then select Business Card  3. Choose a template – you can choose vertical and horizontal templates with the icon on the top right and hand corner
image image image

4. Some templates can insert two photos – one is designed for your logo – tap + to add photos

5. + turn yellow when you tap on the photo – you can best fit your photo using the six adjustment function

6. For example, you can use the decrease function to rescale or make your picture smaller to fit the box – tap → when you finish 
image image image

7. Enter your info – not all fields need to be filled out – tap next
8. You can move and adjust all the words and QR code – long press on the field you’d like to adjust and use the adjustment functions – and save your design

For Advance Guide, please refer to:  Pringo Card Function: How to make Business Card? (ADVANCE)

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