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Addressing "Unprotected Wi-Fi" Notifications in ESET Business Products
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  • You encounter a notification stating "Unprotected Wi-Fi," warning that your network communication might be compromised.
  • You may experience this while using either secured or unsecured Wi-Fi, with ESET PROTECT or on individual client workstations.


If You Can Use a Secured Wi-Fi Connection

It's advisable to secure your Wi-Fi network using password protection through your router. WPA2 encryption is recommended. If you're not the admin, consult your system administrator to enhance your network security.

If Secured Wi-Fi is Unavailable

  • Avoid submitting passwords or sensitive data over unsecured websites.
  • Note that ESET Windows home products do not offer an option to disable the "Unprotected Wi-Fi" notification.

Disabling Future Notifications (Not Recommended)

If you're confident that your environment is safe, you can opt to disable future warnings from ESET endpoint products. Here's how:

  1. Access the ESET PROTECT Web Console and log in.
  2. Navigate to Policies and click on New Policy.image
  3. Assign a name to your policy and click Continue.image
  4. In the Settings area, select your ESET product. Go to Notifications, then expand Desktop Notifications and click Edit.image
  5. Scroll to the Network Protection section and uncheck the box for Wi-Fi Protection Warnings. Hit OK.image
  6. Click Assign, choose the relevant computers, and finalize by clicking Finish.image
For Individual Client Workstations
  1. Open ESET's main program interface.
  2. Press F5 to access Advanced Setup.
  3. Navigate to Notifications, expand Desktop Notifications and click Edit.image
  4. In the Network Protection area, uncheck Wi-Fi Protection Warnings and confirm by clicking OK.image

Now you've successfully tweaked the settings to disable future "Unprotected Wi-Fi" notifications, although it's generally not recommended.


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