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Activating ESET Windows Home Product with License Key (15.x–16.x)
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Issues Addressed

  • What "Product Not Activated" means and its color codes
  • Resolving the "Update information is not consistent" error
  • Issues with username and password
  • Failing module updates
  • Product activation failure
  • Entering your License Key

Detailed Steps

For Android and macOS Users:
Different procedures apply; this guide focuses on Windows users.

If Purchased In-Store or Online:
Register your license first if you haven't done so.

Activation Steps

  1. Open ESET Main Interface:
    Launch the main program window of your ESET Windows product.
  2. Navigate to Activation Screen:
    When the product activation screen shows up, select "Use a purchased License Key."image
  3. Enter License Key:
    Manually type or copy/paste the License Key you received at the time of purchase into the 'License Key' field. Be mindful of hyphens and extra spaces if you're copy/pasting.
    • Lost License Key?:
      If you can't find your License Key, follow ESET’s License Retrieval Process.image
  4. Click 'Activate':
    Hit the 'Activate' button to proceed.image
  5. Completion:
    Once activation is successful, click 'Done.'image


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