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Backup: What is Amazon S3 ? Does ASUSTOR NAS support S3 backup?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Yes, ASUSTOR NAS supports Amazon S3 Backup!

Amazon S3 stands for Simple Storage Service which is a real cloud storage/backup service for devices. It's not like the other cloud storage service providers who charge for a fixed amount every month/year, basically it only charges for:
  • Storage cost: first 5GB is free, and then you will only be charged for the actual storage space you are using, that means, there's no regular monthly fee anymore, and you will only need to pay what you have been using. As to the detailed pricing information, please refer to the link below.
  • Data in (upload): it's totally free
  • Data out (download): please refer to the link below about how Amazon charges for this.

Information about Pricing

You may start by applying for a AWS account which has 5GB free storage space

Here is a detailed introduction about Amazon S3:

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