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Backup: Can we backup from one of the internal HDD's to another internal one we have installed?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Yes. Please kindly follow the following procedure:

1. Use only one disk to initialize the NAS. Upon finishing, install the 2nd disk and go to "Storage Manager" > "Volume" and configure this 2nd drive as a Single disk volume.
Notice: you can either use single to single or create a RAID level for your backup!

2. Go to "Access Control" > "Shared Folders", create one shared folder (e.g. backup) and make sure it's created under "Volume2"

3. Go to "Services" > "Rsync Server", enable the service and create one backup module (e.g. rsync), point this module to the shared folder you just created in STEP2.

4. Go to "Backup & Restore" > "Remote Sync", create one backup job and follow the settings below in the setup wizard:
  • 4.a: Choose "ASUSTOR NAS" as the server type, and "Your NAS -> Another ASUSTOR NAS" as the transfer mode
  • 4.b: Enter "" in Server Address field, leave rsync username and password blank unless you have specified it in STEP3.
  • 4.c: Select all shared folders as the backup source except for the folder you created in STEP2 (e.g. backup)
  • 4.d: Select the rsync backup module which was created in STEP3. (e.g. rsync)
  • 4.e: Choose "Schedule Backup" and make it a "Daily" job.
  • 4.f: Last, please remember to check "Archive mode (incremental backup)" and complete this wizard.

Or you can choose ftp to implement the backup task with similar procedure.

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