Brinno envisioned future high growth of imaging market, particularly the potentials of time lapse video footages/clips for instant sharing, benefiting from improving broadband speed and easy cloud storage. The firm has since leveraged its deep design experience plus image processing and power saving technologies to produce a family of logoed time lapse cams that can be widely used both in business and at leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Camera: Can Brinno ATL045 use with ATH110?  
  2. Camera: Can I use a Wi-Fi SD card?  
  3. Camera: Can I use an external power supply?  
  4. Camera: Can I use it outdoors?  
  5. Camera: Can I use standard CS lens with TLC200 Pro?  
  6. Camera: Can I watch my videos on smartphone / tablet?  
  7. Camera: How do I keep the same view angle / focus area each time I move my TLC200 Pro or BCC100?  
  8. Camera: How do I retrieve videos without moving my TLC200 Pro?  
  9. Camera: How to adjust lens focus for TLC200 Pro?  
  10. Camera: How to prevent fogging when using Housing?  
  11. Camera: How to upgrade TLC200 series camera firmware?  
  12. Camera: I purchased the TLC200 based on the advertisement of its STOP MOTION abilities. Now that it has been received, it appears it is only design for time lapse photography. Is there a feature I am missing?  
  13. Camera: My SD card is empty, but camera show its full, can't record. What can I do?  
  14. Camera: What can I do with a Brinno Time Lapse Camera?  
  15. Camera: What is Brinno Construction Camera?  
  16. Camera: What's Battery Life for Brinno Camera?  
  17. Camera: What's the operating temperature?  
  18. Camera: When should I replace batteries?  
  19. Setting: Can I set a working period e.g. from 8am to 5pm?  
  20. Setting: How to remove time stamp on the video?  
  21. Shooting Suggestion: If I want to make time lapse from Day to Night, which scene should I choose?  
  22. Shooting Suggestion: Time setting for Construction project?  
  23. Shooting Suggestion: Time setting for Night shooting (City Night)?  
  24. Shooting Suggestion: Time setting for Night shooting (Low light environment)?  
  25. Shooting Suggestion: Time setting for Sunset / Sunrise?  
  26. Video Editing: How can I play Brinno video in Mac OS?  
  27. Video Editing: How to edit video? Add music? Add title?  
  28. Video Editing: How to export single frame?  
  29. Video Editing: How to play Brinno Time Lapse video?  
  30. Video Editing: Why can't I edit video in Sony Vegas?  

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